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The Dictators

Format: CD
Year: 1998
Label: Roir RUSCD8247
Track List

  1. Next Big Thing

  2. Science Gone Too Far

  3. Weekend

  4. Rock And Roll Made A Man Out Of Me

  5. Two-Tub Man

  6. Moon Upstairs - Written by – Ian HunterMick Ralphs

  7. Loyola

  8. What Goes On - Written by – Lou Reed

  9. New York New York

  10. Search And Destroy - Written by – Iggy PopJames Williamson

  11. Borneo Jimmy

  12. Minnesota Strip


Bonus Tracks

  1. Master Race Rock

  2. Baby Let's Twist

  3. Faster And Louder


Notes: Reissue of "Fuck 'em If They Can't Take a Joke" with three extra tracks ("Master Race Rock," "Baby, Let's Twist," "Faster & Louder"), different cover art and new liner notes written by Andy.

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